File Coffee

Our goal is to provide anonymous1 file storage at no cost. All images are kept forever2, unless if an uploaded file has to be removed (read further for not allowed uploads.) We also don't allow certain types of uploads: illegal content, copyright content, etc. If you do come across one of those types of files, feel free to contact [email protected] and we'll do our best to get the content removed within 31 days. Please note that we don't take any responsibility for the content uploaded to the website, we're simply the host and not the uploader. Files will not be access by the host until checked before removal. We also might monitor ips when we're under attack, but we won't save them except if they create high risk of abuse. (ban the ips)

1= We don't store anything except the file(s) that you upload, but third parties like Google (which we use for advertisements and analytics) might do and Cloudflare for a fast connection.
2= As long as we can keep this website up and running.

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