There are a few things we would let you know about how we handle privacy and what you can use this service for.

Our main goal is to make it easy for people to share files like screenshots and documents to other people without having them to make an account or click a lot of buttons to download the file. One of our other goals is so keep it as anonymous as we can, we don't save anything if we don't need it (we do save your IP for 30 seconds to be able to ratelimit everything, but that makes it possible for us to keep everything secure.) Every file is uploaded by someone else, not us. If there is a file that is breaking the laws, simply use the report page and we'll action as fast as we can to ensure keeping this platform safe and sound.

We keep all of the files permanently, we are working on a way for you to delete files easily without contacting us or make them stay up for a week.

What's allowed to be uploaded?

It's really simple, don't upload anything that's copyrighted, disturbing or something that can harm other people in any way, shape or form.

We have the right to remove content without noticing you, we'll give a heads up if it's linked to our future account system but we won't terminate the account without a good reason.

Yummy! Cookies! And other data!

Yup, we use them as well. But not in bad ways to follow you around the internet, we use them to keep track of your login status. It makes it easier for you, you won't have to login every single time you want to do something. Or to make a toggaleble dark mode possible. But we are not the only people using cookies, let me list them for you.

What logs do we have?

We only save a few types of things, for example the data we obtain through Cloudflare and Google Analytics, this will help us keep the website fast and make it harder for the bad guys to abuse our system. No data we save is used against a person, it's only for us to make our website function better. We also don't sell anything, we're just a host. Also, we sometimes investiage files based on the logs but they are never shared with outsides parties.1

Contact us

Having any issues using the website or want to get a file removed due to things like copyright infringement? That's possible! Simply head over to our report page, click here. If you want to contact us for other reasons simply hit us up via [email protected] and we'll try to respond as soon as possible to you, if we don't respond within 30 days just resend the mail to use and it will be at the top of the list again (please put bump: at the beginning of the mail.)

You can also join our Discord via this link.